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  • Leonid Sokolovsky


Congratulations to our student Matthew G. for passing Level 7 Trinity College international music Exam in London! Matthew is originally from England. He had a choice of taking the test in the USA or his hometown, and opted for doing it in London (he also had a chance to see his family there). We worked hard for the past 6 months to prepare for the test. Level 7 is quite advanced, and there a few parts of the examination process:

a) Drum set Performance, which includes applying standard 26 drum rudiment to the whole drumset in a solo setting;

b) Drum solo;

c) Playing along with recordings in different styles, including jazz, latin, fusion, and funk;

d) Listening to various musical examples and recognizing different time signatures, styles, and rhythms.

For more information, please check out their website:

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