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  • Leonid Sokolovsky


Michael, my student, is a big fan of the band Nevermore. He decided to learn the song called She Comes in Colors. The song features a lot of interesting double bass drum beats. We decided to transcribe them. While the song might sound quite complicated if you listen to it for the first time, indeed the drumming is quite straightforward. And it's not extremely fast. It begins with unison 16th notes on on crash cymbals and double bass so the hands and the feet play together in unison. After that there is a little section on the crash cymbal and the bell of the ride cymbal. After that it goes to a regular time feel with the snare drum on 2 and 4, followed by a half-time feel as you can see on the transcription. We wrote the main beats and the rest can be improvised. Stay tuned for more transcriptions and possibly a drum cover video. :-)

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