• Leonid Sokolovsky

“South Side of the Sky” by Yes (drum cover)

Updated: Mar 6

Here is another song we just recorded. Alec, my student, decided to learn and record “South Side of the Sky” by a great progressive rock band Yes. The composition is rather unusual for a rock band like this. The melodies and harmonies are quite original, and multi-voice singing is very dynamic and lyrical. It sounds more like a classical composition accompanied by a rock band. What makes this tune really fun to play is various time signatures (it definitely goes beyond typical 4/4 time used by the majority of modern rock bands). The drum part is mainly played on the ride cymbal, bass drum and snare, with occasional accents on the crash cymbal and a few fills on toms. Great bands like Genesis, Yes, Rush, King Crimson, etc. as well as their drummers, really took this style of music to the next level. BTW, congratulations to Alec for being accepted to UC Berkeley, UCLA, and UC Davis!



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