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Here is Suyash's interpretation

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

As a drum instructor, I usually don't give the same composition to two students to work on at the same time. But here is a good chance to "break the rules". Two of my students, Alec and Suyash, decided to take Led Zeppelin's song "Fool in the Rain" for their projects. The most fun part was quite a different approach towards the interpretation. While Alec takes a very "authentic" approach and plays the song pretty much note-for-note the way John Bonham (Led Zeppelin's drummer) did on the original recording, Suyash took it very freely and added a lot of extra drum fills, rolls, flams, etc, as well as used more rudimental approach (he is a snare drummer in his high school marching band). In the middle section of the song there is a part with lots of overdubbed percussion. Alec took it the way John Bonham played it (sixteenth notes on the snare drum with syncopated accents and driving quarter notes on the bass drum), and Suyash added a cool Mozambique groove to the same section.

My students ask me: "Which approach do you like the most?" Well, my answer is: "I like them both" :)

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