• Leonid Sokolovsky

Remo vs. Evans

Quite a few of my students asked me whether they should go with Evans or Remo drumheads. Well, let’s explore this a little bit:

Evans are made of different polyester film from Remo's Mylar™, and have hard-shaped collar (Remo collar is flexible). As a result, Evans has more plastic-y feeling, in my opinion, and has pre-set frequency range and tuning range (= Evans might be easier to tune, but their tuning range is more narrow.) And of course, Remo batters last twrice as long than those by Evans, especially single-ply ones; G1 batters really lack durability. Even though both Remo Ambassador and Evans G1 have the same thickness, Evans heads feel thinner due to a little different material they are made of. However, Evans G2 twin-plies feel more flexible due to the same fact than Remo's.

Evans G1 (single ply) works fine both as resonant and batted head on toms. I'd say, I'd prefer it over Evans Genera Resonant which is a dedicated resonant head. G1 is livelier and more natural. It can work with any batter head. It’s interesting that on some drummers recommend using thicker heads on thicker shells and vice versa. In my opinion, it all depends on the sound you’re looking for (single ply heads give you the most natural, resonant sound; and double ply drumheads give you more attack and less ringing).

As a general recommendation, if I have to use single ply heads, I’d go with Remo Ambassador, and if I need double ply heads, I’d go with Evans G2

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