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Our student competition!

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Welcome to our student competition! For this fun project, four of our students (Kris, Liam, Louisa, and Nathan) decided to learn and make a video recording of a song “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” by Green Day. This project was a lot of fun, considering that all four participants started taking lessons from me at around the same time (they were total beginners back then). All of them are around 12 y.o. That makes this competition fair as all students are of the same level. They were given only a certain amount of weeks to complete learning, rehearsing, and recording the final result. All 4 videos were recorded in the same week and uploaded to YouTube on the same day. So, who will be the winner? Hmm, it looks like my job will not be easy as all students did a great job :)

Well, there are a lot of things to consider:

a) Precision (the audio recording should sound aligned with the original song, with no rushing or slowing down, no “flaming”)

b) Technique (hand/body position, correct wrist and finger motion, etc)

c) Musicality (dynamics, accents, sound)

d) Stage presence (expression)

Besides all these important aspects, we will take into consideration the amount of views/likes/positive comments the videos received on YouTube during the first 4 weeks from the day the videos were uploaded. Feel free to leave positive comments and “likes” for the videos you enjoyed the most to inspire our young rock stars! The winner will get a very nice prize :)

Here are the links to all 4 videos:

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